Village-Nov-09-024Prospective parents are welcome to visit our program without an appointment any weekday by dropping into our office between 9:15 to 11:15. We are happy to share our program information, show you our classrooms, and answer all your questions. You are invited to bring your child with you during this initial visit as long as he or she is in good health.

Classes are filled from our wait list. If you wish, a wait form will be provided to you during your visit. Placement is secured by providing a non-refundable registration fee and a deposit (fully refundable with a one-month notice) to hold the space for your child once you are notified that we have a space available.

Required state forms must be completed before your child may be left in our care. For Toddler and Nursery School classes, we encourage at least two visits when your child can play in your presence and become acquainted with new friends and the classroom or playground before his or her first day. For Infant Program enrollment, a child’s first stay with us is limited to one hour and is gradually built up depending upon your child’s own comfort level.

Each member of our staff is trained and ready to work with your child and provide reassurance until your return. We want “school” to be very positive experience for each child. The bond we build with your child from the first day in our center is aimed at providing security and trust that will carry through each school day.


Accredited for 15 years by:
National Association For The Education of Young ChildrenNational Association For The Education of Young Children
DSS Licenses:
#372000557 (Toddlers and Nursery School) and #372003257 (Infants)

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